Instructus Center

Big Vision for a New Generation of Teachers

When BJU's dean of the School of Education & Human Services observed the national decline in the teaching profession, he knew something had to be done. He formed the idea to create a center that would recruit, equip, and develop the next generation of teachers. But how would anyone hear about this new center? That's when he turned to YCP.


Branding & Design
Motion & Video
Web Experience

Establishing a Center Name

Before creating awareness, the center had to have a great name. To name the center, we worked through its vision and mission and then created a series of options that conveyed that mission. The name "Instructus" beat out all of the other options. "Instructus" has Latin roots that mean "to teach and develop," a fitting name to match its vision. 

When we considered taglines, we kept coming back to the fact that nearly everything we learn we learn from some sort of teacher. "It begins with the teacher."

Integrated Messaging Works

Once the new messaging was created, we integrated it into new collateral pieces including direct mail pieces to school administrators, a new website, and a new brochure.

Creating the Center's Website

With Instructus, our goal was to introduce the center to teachers and administrators whom they wanted to recruit as advocates to advance the cause of teaching. We boiled the center's initiatives down into three clear activities: Recruiting, Developing, and Retaining teachers. We wanted the website to clearly show the actions users could take, equipping ambassadors with materials they could use to spread the word to others in the field.

Speaking from the Heart
For a quick introduction video, we asked Brian to communicate his vision personally in a direct, simple way to others in the field.
And here’s the the pitch…

We equipped Instructus with one final piece of collateral - a robust pitch deck that they could customize for different audiences. This enabled them to acquire early stakeholders, recruit advocates, and inspire educators around the country when they were called upon to speak.

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